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Whiteness and Anti-racism

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Praxis Group can create workshops and curricula based on the specific needs of your group.
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Beyond LGB: Celebrating Identities Beyond the Binary

Building Affirming Spaces for LGBTQIA+ People

Building Trans-Affirming Communities

Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct at Work

Social Justice on the Job: Weaving Values into Your Work

Anti-Oppression Frameworks for Domestic Violence Service Providers

Trans 101 for Social Workers and Social Service Providers

Ally is a Verb: Putting Your Values Into Action

Embodying Person-Centered Care as a Form of Social Justice

Bias and Microaggressions at Work

Active Bystander Intervention



"Praxis Group provided me with the guidance to engage sensitively and appropriately with transgender and gender nonconforming employees and colleagues. Their thoughtful and engaging overview of terminology, cultural issues, and practical scenarios were extremely helpful.  This workshop should be required for workplaces, schools, community groups and congregations."
- Lesley Williams, Co-Chair of Jewish Voice for Peace Chicago's Network Against Islamophobia & Co-President of Open Communities

"Kate and Jes provided our first-ever official LGBTQ Cultural Competence training for our Leadership Team and Staff. They met with us before the training to learn more about our school and to cater the training to meet our specific needs. The three-hour training was packed full of information, exercises, and role plays to appeal to multiple learning preferences. The Leadership Team and Staff enjoyed the training and felt like they learned a lot and were better prepared to provide safe spaces and other support for our LGBTQ community members.  We will definitely be working with them again as future training needs arise."
- Erin B. Moore, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

"Jes and Kate were very professional and provided a safe environment to discuss potentially sensitive issues throughout the training, which led to meaningful and productive conversations among our team."
- Betsy Wilson, Supervising Mitigation Specialist at Sentencing Advocacy Group of Evanston

“[The] information given and variety of activities and exercises shared gave life to the information so that it could be transformative. Your presence and sharing opened us to sharing. You included well what you were training!”
- Building a Trans-Affirming Community Participant

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful, gracious and vulnerable leadership of this group!”
- Trans 101 Participant

“Well presented, fast-paced, lots of info, positive and supportive. thank you! This was a very helpful 3 hours spent which will lead to further allyship.”
- Building Affirming Spaces for LGBTQIA+ People Participant