#HopefulGender Cards

Tired of being misgendered at restaurants, movie theaters, bars, on public transportation, the grocery store, etc.?
Out of spoons to have the same conversation multiple times a day?
Are you a cis ally who wants to encourage people to not assume gender?
Order a free batch of cards to help you speak up for yourself without having to speak at all.

Image descriptions (and request forms) are available on each of the 4 separate pages.


A 5th version (“not he/she but they”) is available for a limited time.


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Support #HopefulGender

If you would like to make a donation to produce more cards or cover postage and envelopes, please visit www.paypal.me/jshine1224.
This donation is not tax-deductible. For other ways to donate, e-mail jes@praxischi.com.