#HopefulGender Cards

nonbinary, they/them, sir/dude version



Text that says:
I appreciate your intention of politeness,
but please do not address me as sir or dude
Gender cannot be assumed by voice or appearance.
Instead, ask individuals how they'd like to be addressed.
Ideas for gender neutral greetings: 
friend(s), pal(s), folks, everyone, y'all.”


Screenshot of a tweet from Lee Airton, Ph.D aka @LeeAirton
"When a #transgender person corrects you about their #pronoun, it can be a sign that we want to keep hanging out. A hopeful gesture.”

Underneath is a subtweet
"Conversely, when we don't correct you, don't take it as a relief, as politeness, or a favour. This is the sound of giving up & moving on.”


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