#AlwaysAndersonville the podcast

#AlwaysAndersonville the podcast

Praxis sat down with Laura and Joelle of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce to talk about how the work aims to redefine group and organizational culture so that people feel empowered to bring their full selves to the table and offer support to businesses creating a more inclusive environment.  

Praxis has worked with several Andersonville businesses: Aligned Modern Health, The Clark at Swedish Covenant, and Women & Children First and will be facilitating the Being A Stronger Ally: Trans/GNC Affirming Business Workshop in early February.

Also available are #HopefulGender cards. If you're tired of being misgendered or are a cis ally who wants to encourage people to not assume gender, these cards are for you.

Praxis Group helps business professionals go beyond inclusion

"I think a fair number of folks are aware that there is a lack of cultural humility, or justice, or allyship, on their team, but not really sure what that means or how to name it," said Harrington-Rosen. "And those are exactly the calls that we want to be getting, because what we hear in those moments are people being willing to be vulnerable and ask for help about something they don't know how to handle, and that vulnerability is key to being able to build the awareness and skill needed to address the issue."